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    We pay a visit to the good people at Buttero.    

    Take a look behind the curtain…


    Check out the video that absurdland and I shot in Italy for nomanwalksalone

  2. New TOJ/JC Wool MA-1 @johncoppidge

  3. Turnt Up


    My good friend and roommate Wilbert Cooper

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    On March 17, 1994 I visited writer/director Quentin Tarantino at the Los Angeles house where he was editing his new film, Pulp Fiction, a trilogy of stories set in contemporary Hollywood whose cast includes John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, and Christopher Walken. While his staff had lunch, we talked and took pictures. Dennis Hopper

    Blood Lust Snicker Snicker in Wide Screen
    Dennis Hopper/Quentin Tarantino

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    I have the Non-Hoodie version of this

    I have the Non-Hoodie version of this

  9. Next Doc on my list. 

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That orange!


    That orange!

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